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Reward people for acts of kindness,
which YOU care about


Decentralized Giving (a.k.a getting shit done)

The Problem

  • Are you annoyed that when donating to nonprofits you can just support their general projects and you don't know where your donation goes towards?

  • Big boys NGOs often charge between 15-25% for admin fees.

  • That OLD way of donating and charity has to give way to a better system!?!



NOW you can boost acts of kindness directly and own the verified proof of work. We call it #Decentralised_Giving  (also we call it 'getting shit done')


  1. You select what acts of kindness you want to happen in the world. 

  2. Trusted partners on the ground do the actions. They upload images as proof of actions, which we verify and publish on the blockchain to ensure no act of kindness can be used twice. 

  3. We mint these acts of kindness as NFT for you to own as donation to the volunteers. 

Anchor 1

Jerri NFT as Digital Proof of Actions

As a donor you will receive a 'mosaic of good' with the verified images and certificate of authenticity.


It's a unique digital art, minted as a NFT. You gave the world new acts of kindness. Be proud of yourself! 

As proud owner of a Jerri NFT you enjoy benefits, such as discounts from sustainable product partners.

What cause is close to your heart? 

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    We will email you with project ideas close to your heart! 

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