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Start your game of saving the planet 

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Let's play the most serious, fun, impact game the world has ever seen!

There are 12 levels in this game of doing-good.  Each level is an endangered animal with the Koala being the top level. Each level unlocks its own rewards with benefits IRL and metaverse.  


Sale proceeds go to the doer of the good deeds.  Effectively creating an economy of good deeds!


The IRL benefits go to the Holders, and show the PGP (proof-of-good-person) to the world.  Those that support the world deserve our respect.

1. Are you serious get in first with a Jerri Flamingo NFT. Just tell us why you want it and you could get one for free. 
2. Upload 100 good deeds and mint your Hawkbill sea turtle or buy one from our verified good deed image collectors.  

3. Collect two of a tier to mint a baby and move up to the next tier. 
4. Each tier  comes with IRL benefits, they get better the higher you go!  
Crazy rewards await heroes of planet 

Once all 100 koalas are minted and sold (game over), the final rewards are unlocked:

  • Each koala holder gets a piece of  the metaverse!

  • Morgan Freeman to read your public key address aloud in a recording : ))  The AI voice counts right?  HA!


What are these benefits for you heroes of the planet?


Take a look below to see a list with every reward for every level. The benefits range from 10% discounts on sustainable brands to free products. Cool brands want to reward people who do good things for the planet! 


 We also work with amazing companies to provide our holders experiences that fiat cannot buy: like a midnight tour at the MET or a callout in a concert for you by your favorite band. 


The final big splash that our Heroes of the Planet will get is FREE LAND in the metaverse. Yes! Once all 100 Koalas have been minted and sold, these initial koala holders at that time will receive a parcel of Land in the metaverse.

How to get your Jerri NFT?

  • You either mint it with your own good deeds for free. Contact us to submit at least 100 good deeds (real, verified, unique) and we mint a Flamingo for you. 

  • You can buy one from our marketplace 

  • You can merge two of your existing Jerri's to trade up a level and get a free 'baby' Jerri 

Exclusive rewards for planet heroes

We are partnering with sustainable brands around the world who like to have GOOD people as customers. Our Jerri NFTs identify you as a certified good person for this planet and you deserve to get a break here and there!

We are working with companies in the following areas:

  • 10% on sustainable coffee - like BEANS&DOTS

  • 5% on craft beers

  • 5% on environmentally made headsets and glasses

  • 10% on sustainable cosmetics 

  • 10% on sustainable clothing

  • Fashion  NFTs for the metaverse

  • Free MUD Jeans (Every pair of MUD Jeans is recycled into a new MUD Jeans, leaving no waste and using 92% less water than an average jeans.)

If you would like to partner with us to bring your company brand to the forefront of millions of sustainable customers, contact us. 

Image by Tina Guina
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