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Who, why and how? The stories behind WeTryBetter

Thank you everyone for the kind messages of support that have reached us since we launched WeTryBetter a few weeks ago.

Today, I want to share a cool quote that I received from a user this morning, which summarizes well all the reasons why we set up WeTryBetter in the first place:

"Love the website. Love the idea. I feel like I am constantly talking to people about how we feel so alone in our struggle to make the world better (compost, conserve water, recycle etc etc) so this is a positive step to acknowledge that other people are focussed on these issues too. Great job!"

So here we are. Pleased to meet you. We are Simon and Donny, two friends who want to create a positive impact on the planet. We did a little interview recently with each other, where we had a lot of fun explaining who we are and why we are doing this. Enjoy!



Donny: "People often think that their own small actions don't make a difference. This project is showing people that everyone's small actions to add up and make a huge difference together."

Simon: "The idea came from my frustration not knowing how I can contribute more towards a greener planet. My goal is to get the average person out of their sofa and do a small, positive action for the planet, every day."

Amplifying impact - together!

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