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Ever since I was little the words "somebody" or "someone" have always struck me as funny in certain instances. It came up a lot when talking about who was going to do what job or task. "Somebody needs to wash the car." "Somebody needs to take out the trash." "Someone will clean that up." "Somebody should do something!" That last one was often heard before the superhero swooped in to save the day. That powerful mythical figure of a superhero, giving us, since we were little, the idea that "somebody" will do "something".

There is a point that you realize that the somebody that washed the car or took out the trash was, you. That someone, yep, also you.

There is also the point that you realize that thinking somebody is going to do something about the big problems, such as the environment, is taking your power away from you. Every time we give up our power to do something and give that power to someone else we become smaller. We feel a little more helpless. Doing something to solve a problem even if what you are doing seems too small to really make any difference is a false narrative we have been led to believe by our beloved superhero's. The truth is every individual is too small to make a global difference, but we each can make a difference locally. You never know who is watching or who you might have the chance to inspire just by taking that small step and doing something good. When we each make that choice to do something, that is where the global differences are felt. When we each individually decide that, I'm a Somebody! empowering ourselves to do what we can in whatever way available to us. Trybe, we are no longer waiting for "somebody" we are each somebody and each of us have this superpower to do something!


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