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Minting acts of kindness into NFT.

your PGP for metaverse [proof of good person]

How to prove in metaverse that you are a good person? 

Jerri watermarks verified good deeds into NFTs, as your proof of good person.

How it works:

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Why mint a Jerri NFT?

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Benefits & Utility of a Jerri NFT

  • Owning a Jerri NFT means you sponsored real, verified good deeds by accredited nonprofits and volunteers >> You are a verified good person.

  • Exclusive benefits from our partners who like to reward heroes of the planet like you: discounts and exclusive deals for sustainable products ranging from coffee, beer and fashion. And even free Land in metaverse if we unlock the final level together!

Get your proof of good NFT today. Browse existing Jerri NFT collection:

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Our  partners

Upload good deeds as nonprofit or individual

If you are a nonprofit, you can upload your proofs of good deeds to our platform. We verify them and mint them to fundraise for your amazing efforts for our planet. 


Contact us to learn how you upload your images of verified actions (ie cleanups, food drives for homeless, etc). We will verify these acts and qualify your organization.  CONTACT US

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