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  • Why does Jerri exist?
    In order to fight climate change we need to get millions of people off their sofas to do acts of kindness for the planet. Jerri is rewarding these activists and volunteers that do such good deeds. We collect and verify their good deeds and reward them directly. We call it decentralized_giving!
  • Who is behind Jerri?
    The same people behind the 501c3 web 2 focused branch of activating people to do something for the planet and finding ways to change the economy from one of greed to and economy of good via Regenerative finance.
  • What blockchain are you using for Jerri?
    We are in the process of setting up our platform but rest assured we are going to use an environmentally friendly chain. Our initial 7 Koalas are minted with Matic on OpenSea as that was the easiest to start (but not our long term plan)
  • How do I start the game?
    Do Something! Take a picture of the action and submit its to Put a not for Jerri NFTs. Once you reach enough with your login to create a collection we will the appropriate crypto wallet address from you so you can get paid for each sale! 40% of every sale goes directly to the doers or the projects that did the deeds to create the mosaic NFT.
  • Merging two animals - why and how?
    You can merge two NFTs of a level to move up a level in fact it is the only way you can! You must take two Hawkbill Sea turtles of 100 good deeds each to create your Soala of 200 deeds. Soala's have higher access in the Metaverse and better IRL benefits. Your Hawkbills will then be burned but you get a baby hawkbill in its place. The babies always have the IRL and Metaverse benefits of the adults of that tier. So maybe you want to sell your Soala to someone looking to move up to Sea Otter with 400 images. You can still receive all the benefits of the Hawkbill just for holding the baby. You also get the baby animal of a tier any time 2 of your collection are traded in to upgrade to a new level. The baby animals of the doers are none tradable soul bound NFTs but they do come with all the IRL and Metaverse benefits. How to merge? At this point we are working on the merging technology. The desire is to be able to use multiple platforms on multiple Eco Crypto blockchains so that we can all help support all of the solutions that these blockchains are working towards. Interoperable merging is definitely coming but just exactly how we have not fully worked out yet. Let's get a bunch more doing done first! As we release the collections I am sure the tech will be able to facilitate the idea.
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