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Reward people for acts of kindness,
YOU care about

The Roadmap 

Q1 2022

  • Onboarded 10 x NGO Partners from around the world ✅

  • Sold 4 x NFTs Proof of Concept ✅

  • Onboarded 2 x Product Partners for rewards ✅

Q2 2022

  • June 2022 we are auctioning off remaining Jerri KOALAs. This is an incredible bargain as they carry all benefits of our highest Koala level but can probably be bought at a fraction of the later price!

  • Smart contract to separate percentages of resales I.E. portion always goes to the organization or the original doer for straight resale purposes, once it is minted to upgrade to new tier level or baby/mutant the holder of the newly minted NFT has a separate contract and new deeds must be done.  All further resale goes to NFT owner aside from DAO funding and operational expenses.

  • July 2022: launch of FLAMINGO Promotion level Jerri 5% off  (will tell you soon) coupon code  Unlimited supply  Generative art creation for Flamingo level free and easy. No rarity trait scores! This is just to give a taste of the fun stuff to come.

  •  Generative art of Hawkbill sea turtle Level 1with  rarity trait calculator integration. Until level 9 

  • Levels 10 11 and 12 are all  artist 1/1 creations 

  • Onboard minimum of 100 charities that upload minimum of 100 images. By the end of July. (must have at least that many available to buy for the drop already minted and ready for sale).  

  • August: Launching Hawkbill 10% off (??? the suspense is killing your)  coupon code 10,000 ever in circulation at a time.  

  • ​Fashion NFT partner

Q3 2022

  • Onboard 100 IRL and metaverse partners who give discounts to our Jerri holders

  • Finalize DAO structure with community and partners

Q4 2022

  • Create DAO and continue playing the game of saving the world throughout the Metaverse and IRL

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Unlocking value IRL and in metaverse for owning a Jerri

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 17.17.44.png

Unlock more benefits as you trade up the animal kingdom! For instance you can trade in several Flamingos for a Toucan level.


The goal is to become one of our exclusive 100 Koala holders with unlimited benefits!

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